What We Believe

Core Values


This is the value of RIGHT BELIEVING.  Restoration Church presents a simplistic and practical way of receiving Jesus into the lives of those who attend.


This is the value of RIGHT THINKING.  Following the principle of Romans 12:2, Restoration Church believes that lives can be changed by the renewing of minds.


This is the value of RIGHT LIVING.  Restoration Church is a family church.  We promote healthy relationships, encourage healthy marriages and lifestyles as promoted by the Word of God.


This is the value of RIGHT LOVING.  We believe that we were created to worship our creator.  Restoration Church presents a life-changing worship encounter.  We aim to inspire a lifestyle of worship.


This is the value of RIGHT SERVING.  Restoration Church always pays great attention to excellence.  This is recognized within every area of the ministry and is achieved with the highest respect for Partners and Visitors.